We believe that you should be able to enjoy life whilst getting in great shape!


At Benchmark we are always results driven and want to deliver the most beneficial and fun training experience possible.

With the Personal Training sessions we track your progress in your own personal folder so that we can see how much you are progressing with all areas of your training.

We know when we feel fitter but It is more difficult to track your fitness and cardio progression.


What is MyZone?

MYZONE is the fitness software we use to monitor the Benchmark’ers progress.

It’s a fitness belt which gives you live feedback of your:

🔥 Calorie Burnage

❤️ Current and Average Heart Rate

🏋️‍♂️ Total Effort Points (Calculated on a few different markers)

Also, it gives really great data on your phone via an App which holds the records of all your workouts. It’s just such an awesome and unique way of making sure you are progressing with fitness.

Your name will come up live in the gym on our TV which gives you instant feedback on the intensity of your session.



How we use it

Once you join as a member at Benchmark you are given a MyZone fitness belt. You can use this when you train at Benchmark but also a lot of our members use it for sports, runs and hikes.

A really simple way of testing the improvement in your fitness, for example is, to go for a 5k run then 4 weeks later do the same run and see how intense it was.

Hopefully you would see a faster recovery in your heart rate after intense bouts, faster time, and overall the effort % should be lower as you should feel more comfortable with that run.



Increases Motivation and Consistency

One thing we have found with our members is that using MyZone has kept them very consistent and motivated all year round. Its not easy to stay motivated, and with todays stressful life we can easily have excuses to not go to the gym.

However, with MyZone we have monthly targets for you to reach, so on those days when you’re not in the gym, you feel motivated to go and get active so that you beat lasts months total effort points (MEPs).