We believe that you should be able to enjoy life whilst getting in great shape!

Benefits of Small Group PT

Firstly, let’s start off by making one thing clear… 99.9% of gym goers need someone there to support them, whether this be online or in person.

5 Reasons why we need support:

1) To help show us how to progress

2) To help with technique and safety when training with weights

3) Celebrate our successes

4) Pick us back up when struggling

5) Give us clarity when confused, stuck or unsure

For most people, they simply do not know what to do in the gym, which is understandable because it is a minefield out there.

You cannot go this journey alone, or else you will be spinning your wheels for years with little to no progress to show for it. Plus half naked, sweaty men grunting and flexing their muscles isn’t the most welcoming or desirable place to be on a Friday night (and thats just in the changing rooms).

The first place to look is likely going to be a large group classes at your local gym, we’re talking spin, body pump, circuits, BLT (Not the sandwich unfortunately), HIIT, and much more. These classes are (usually) fun, high energy, challenging sessions, which makes going in the gym a more pleasant experience.

The issue as you progress is that there isn’t enough 1-2-1 support in the group, and not enough emphasis is put on progressing.

Trust me I have been there… Teaching a spin class of 20 people when you’re busting a gut working hard, you see people ‘ghost-turning’ the spin bikes as your there cranking it out at full strength. The problem is that these classes are usually around 20 members to 1 trainer, and unfortunately one person just doesn’t have the time to help everyone individually.

So what is the next option 1-2-1 Personal Training?! You have a lot of personalised training and your progress should speed up. However, paying £40 per hour (£480+) per month, just isn’t sustainable the most sustainable monthly outgoing and you end up spending most of the session talking back and forth.

At Benchmark we do something very unique called Small Group Personal Training, it is all the benefits of Personal Training but in a small fun, dynamic group. We usually have a ratio of 5:1 members to trainer so that there is enough time for our team to give 1-2-1 support.

5 Benefits of Small Group PT

1) Get the 1-2-1 support of Personal Training

2) Have the fun group dynamic of groups but isn’t over crowded

3) The cost is more reasonable and sustainable (£129 to £209) per month

(The next two are unique to Benchmark)

4) You follow a programme so that you are kept well up to date with your progress, no guess work, and no random workouts. Everything is planned in advance.

5) The sessions are intense but personalised to you. We like to keep you moving in our SGPT sessions, so there is no waiting around for equipment and very little rest. This way we are working your cardiovascular fitness and your strength. We are personalised in the way that we give you specific exercises or instructions depending on your current fitness, so that we can build you up steadily, and you aren’t just thrown in at the deep end.

Also we track all of our members effort and heart rate using the MyZone fitness belt so that we know when to increase or decrease the work rate.

Most people work harder in a group environment, everyone has that competitive edge inside them and everyone wants to see their team-mates doing well. It’s what makes the Benchmark training environment so unique.

There is nothing wrong with training in a 1-2-1 or large group setting, at the end of the day you need to do what works for you.

If you are unsure what to start with then we recommend you trial SGPT and we can help guide you from there. If you have any questions or would like advice off one of the Benchmark Team then please feel free to contact us here.