We believe that you should be able to enjoy life whilst getting in great shape!
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About Us

Benchmark isn’t your typical ‘Gym’.

About Us

We don’t see Fitness just as a tool for getting fitter, we see it as a tool for transforming your life, and we already have done with 100’s of people in our Benchmark community.

You won’t find mirrors, treadmills or weights machines at Benchmark. Instead we have Personal Trainers who walk you through a programme to suit your current fitness and strength.

If you’re looking for a cheap run-of-the-mill gym then you’re in the wrong place. However, if you want to enjoy your training and not be bored, then Welcome to Benchmark!

“The gym for people who hate gyms” 😀

Our 3 core values are very important to us at Benchmark.
We live breathe and walk them everyday


All the training we do is strength related. Training to make you physically and mentally stronger. Everything is planned and progressed so that you are constantly achieving.


Everyday we commit to our members progress, and we expect that in return. We don’t like tyre kickers and time wasters at Benchmark. We want you to be committed to the goal of health and fitness.


Our welcoming and positive community of members makes Benchmark a fun place to train.

Amazing Results With People Just Like You!

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